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Memories of my favorite Dark Pink and Mauve Roses i n 2010

John Clare (English Rose)
bred by David Austin
We often have rain these days.
It reminds me of the song of Constant Rain by Sergio.
'Chove Chuva Constant is the rain......'
How about the following funny onomatopoeic equation of rain?
(pitter patter+chove chuva)/2=pichi pichi chap chap (in Japanese)

taken on Oct. 28, 2010

John Clare (English Rose)
bred by David Austin
taken on Sep.13, 2010


John Clare (English Rose)
bred by David Austin
taken on Oct. 2, 2010

葵(あおい) Aoi   taken on Aug.16, 2010
This floribunda rose was bred by Keiji Kunieda at Rose Farm Keiji (Japan)
and produced by Ken Osanai in 2008.

taken on Aug. 17,  2010

Tutu Mauve (HT) in summer
Hybrid tea rose bred by Delbard (France)
taken on Aug.17, 2010

taken on Aug. 15, 2010


Gertrude Jekyll ( English Rose)
bred by David Austin
taken on July 9, 2010

Gertrude Jekyll (ER)
bred by David Austin
taken on May 18, 2010


Rose Jacques Cartier or Rosa Marchesa Boccella
This Damask Perpetual and old Portland shrub rose
was bred by Moreau Robert, France 1868
 and named after the French explorer, Jacques Cartier (1491 - 1557)    
taken on  July 22, 2010


Heather Austin (English rose)
named after David Austin¹s sister.
This rose always doesn't open fully in my garden because of rain.
But recently they open perfectly because of hot summer weather without rain.
taken on July 29, 2010 





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